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AGS : Frameless Door Profiles


The trend for frameless openings became a real “thing” this year, especially in our high-end residential projects. Designers and builders looked to us to help crack this tough nut. They’ve been using systems that already exist on the market here and were seeing failure sometimes only a couple of years after completion.

After reviewing many of the available systems out there, the answer to this often challenging detail was the AGS system of aluminum extruded frames, integrated mesh and connectors. Specifically, for we think their TUS and TUT profiles are worth your consideration.


For the moment, we are only offering AGS to architects and builders that engage index-d/BetterBuildingHardware on a Complete Project Fulfillment basis. Call us to discuss your project or email : TUS-TUT_DRAWING.jpg

Too much to go into it here but download this quick overview if you’re ready to get shamelessly Frameless:

AGS - TUT+TUS General Overview

We are starting to make some of these products available online. Please see the TUT product page