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PIVOTA ® DXS 61 3-D Close Design

by BaSys
Price: $435.00 - $435.00

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PIVOTA® DXS 61 3-D "Close"

Concealed hinge with an INTEGRATED CLOSER!!!

The millwork community has wanted one for years. IT IS NOW HERE!!!

BaSys hinges have become the go-to hinge for high-performance doors in Europe. Now they are available here in the US. Concealed hinges have long been used for "hidden" doors. Now, their 3-D adjustability has made installation of premium flush doors so efficient they are the favorite of installers. And their modern looks, finishes and wide range of capacities has architects using them throughout their projects. 

BaSys PIVOTA hinges are one of the best German designed 3-D concealed hinges available on the market. The BaSys engineers have created a concealed hinge with perfectly smooth operation, no visible screws, and an entire range of hinges to meet nearly most design applications.

Now that the BaSys hinge is stocked in the US market, it is becoming the gold standard for door manufacturers, millworkers, and architects.

PIVOTA® DX stands for reliability and durability – provided by its extremely stable joint design. Because of the sophisticated bearings and the exceptional kinematical guidance, our DX hinges have set standards in performance function tests. The same applies to the adjustment of the door leaf position which is being conducted independently of the joint’s kinematic.

BaSys PIVOTA DXS 61 3D "Close" hinge, equipped with a concealed self-closing mechanism, supports doors weighing up to 176 lbs.


  • For doors up to 176 lbs (80 kg) with 2 hinges installed. [How heavy is my door?]
  • For doors up to 110 lbs (50 kg) with one Close + one DX 61 3D installed. 
  • EASILY adjustable in 3-Dimensions with a hex key
  • 180° opening angle without pinching or damage during opening and closing
  • Maintenance-free bearings.
  • For wood, metal, or casing frame installation
Need Power?
PIVOTA CONNECT provides Permanent Power and data transfer through the hinge.


  • Minimum door thickness: 1 3/4"
  • Height: 7.08" [180mm]
  • Width: Frame-Door 1.18" [30mm]
  • 3D adjustment (sideways ± 3,0 mm, up-down +mm 2,0 mm, in-out)
  • Concealed hinge for non-rebated doors, hinge leaves are mortised into frame and door
  • 3-dimensional adjustability, maintenance-free bearings
  • Magnetically fixed cover plates for optics free-of-screws


  • PIVOTA ® DX safety plate for frame part
  • Retainer for casing or steel frames
  • Note: incl. fixing screws
  • Finishes: Call us for more finish options.

Lead Time:

Need them quickly? We strive to keep a healthy inventory of this model in most finishes, so please call to check on current stock levels.

Special Order Finishes Available!
BaSys is also able to provide custom finishes for quantities above 100, so please ask.

Lost your Coverplates? Get replacements here



Iconic Award 2018 (German Design council) for „PIVOTA DXS Close“ (self-closing concealed hinge).


German Design Award 2017 “Special Mention” for „PIVOTA DX 61 3-D Design+“ (magnetically attached cover plates hide fixation and adjustment screws, the option “Design+” additionally masks the cut-out in the door frame to provide puristic optics).



Innovationspreis Architektur + Bauwesen 2017 for "PIVOTA DXS Close“ (self-closing concealed hinge).


BaSys PIVOTA DX-61 "Close" Downloads

DX 61 "Close" Drawings

DX 61 "Close" Cad Files (DXF)

BaSys PIVOTA Videos

  • BaSys PIVOTA

  • BaSys "Close" - Concealed Hinge with integrated closer

PIVOTA DX 61 3-D Accessories and Installation Aids


  • Templates [door | frame]
  • Metric router tooling


  • Casing frame fixing plate (wood doors)
  • Metal frame receiver
  • PIVOTA Connect: concealed 8-pole electric wire connection for permanent power transfer

You can order these finish samples online!

BaSys PIVOTA Satin Nickel Look

SNL : Satin Nickel Look [ SNL ]
Description : somewhat warmer than US 32D

BaSys PIVOTA Aluminum Look (F1)

ALU : Aluminum Look (F1) [ ALU ]
Description : Gray/Silver

BaSys PIVOTA Stainless Steel Look

SSL : Stainless Steel Look [ SSL ]
Description : somewhat warmer, more champagne than standard US 32D


WHT : White RAL [ WHT ]
Description : A nice white. 

BaSys PIVOTA Matte Black RAL 9005 [ BLK ]

BLK : Matte Black RAL [9005] [ BLK ]
Description : Matte Black. 

BaSys PIVOTA Satin Brass

SBR : Satin Brass [ SBR ]
Description : Satin brass. 

BaSys PIVOTA Polished Brass Plated

PBR : Polished Brass Plated [ PBP ]
Description : Polished Brass 

BaSys PIVOTA Light Bronze

LBZ : Light Bronze [ LBZ ]
Description : Light Bronze 

BaSys PIVOTA Medium Bronze

MBZ : Medium Bronze [ MBZ ]
Description : Light Bronze 

BaSys PIVOTA Dark Bronze

DBZ : Dark Bronze [ DBZ ]
Description : Dark Bronze 

BaSys PIVOTA Brushed Nickel Plated

BNP : Brushed Nickel Plated [ BNP ]
Description : Brushed Nickel Plated 

BaSys PIVOTA Brushed Chrome Plated

PNP : Brushed Chrome Plated [ BCH ]
Description : Brushed Chrome 

BaSys PIVOTA Polished Nickel Plated

PNP : Polished Nickel Plated [ PNP ]
Description : Polished Nickel Plated 

BaSys PIVOTA Polished Chrome Plated

PNP : Polished Chrome Plated [ PCH ]
Description : Polished Chrome 

BaSys PIVOTA Satin Stainless Steel

SSS : Satin Stainless Steel [ SSS ]
Description : Satin Stainless Steel 

BaSys PIVOTA Polished Stainless Steel

PSS : Polished Stainless Steel [ PSS ]
Description : Polished Stainless Steel 

BaSys PIVOTA Brushed Gold Plated

BGD : Brushed Gold Plated [ BGD ]
Description : Brushed Gold Plated 

BaSys PIVOTA Polished Gold Plated

PGD : Polished Gold Plated [ PGD ]
Description : Polished Gold Plated 

CUSTOM FINISHES : BaSys PIVOTA® hinges can be custom finished (e.g. 24k gold plating, hot pink powder-coated). For custom RAL colors or finishes, please contact us for pricing and minimum quantities. 


Frequently Asked Questions about BaSys PIVOTA® hinges.

What is the listed capacity for each hinge or for a pair?

The capacities listed below are for two BaSys PIVOTA® hinges installed. They are engineered to work best when there are two.

Read more by downloading about BaSys Hinge Load Capacities.

What's the minimum door thickness for each of the hinges?

BaSys PIVOTA HingeMin. Door Thickness
DX 38 3D - Design1-3/8" (35 mm)
DX 58 3D - Design1" (26mm)
DX 61 3D - Design1-1/2" (44mm)
DX 61 3D - Close - Design1-3/4" (44mm)
DX 101 3D - Design1-1/2" (38mm)
DXS 101 3D - Design - Steel1-3/4" (44mm)
DXE 100 3D - Enox1-1/4" (32mm)
DX 200 3D - Design1-9/16" (40 mm)
DX 80 ZA 3D - Design1-3/4" (45 mm)
DX 120 3D - Design1-3/4" (45mm) w/o cladding
DX 180 3D - Design1-3/4" (45mm) w/o cladding
DXS 180 3D - Design - Steel1-3/4" (45mm) w/o cladding
DX 300 3D - Design1-9/16" (40 mm)
DXS 300 3D - Design - Steel1-9/16" (40 mm)

Can I get a great load capacity by adding hinges?

Yes and no. This question is application specific so best to call and discuss your application. We have access to BaSys engineers who can help us determine the best concealed hinge solution for your application.

Where do I place the hinges on the door?

Top and bottom hinges should be located 10" (on center) from the top and bottom edge of the door. Unlike with Soss hinges, a third BaSys® hinge will not add a proportional amount of capacity to the system. With taller doors, installers often use a third hinge in the center.

Does the leading edge of the door need to be beveled?

This table shows the width, at given thicknesses, below which the latch side of a door fitted with a BaSys PIVOTA® hinge requires an edge bevel. Please call us for further guidance. Download Door Bevel Reference Document

Soss vs. BaSys PIVOTA vs. TECTUS Concealed Hinges

Soss hinges are relatively inexpensive and may appear to be the better option if the cost of the individual hinge is the only measure. However, there are hidden costs which should be taken into consideration. The obvious technological difference is the ability to adjust the BaSys PIVOTA® and TECTUS hinge in 3 Dimensions. This allows for a much faster and more precise installation of the door. Now, if a door fitted with a BaSys PIVOTA® or TECTUS needs to be tweaked, perhaps because the new building has settled, the installer need only get out his hex key and, with a few turns, bring the door back to flush. Doors fitted with Soss sometimes cause frequent call-backs requiring the door to be taken off and reworked or, worse, remade.

Another consideration is the number of Soss hinges that need to be installed to achieve the higher capacities of the BaSys PIVOTA® or TECTUS® system. Check out the BaSys PIVOTA® vs. TECTUS CONCEALED HINGES cross reference guide for some examples.
For BaSys PIVOTA® and Simonswerk TECTUS® it is Germany.
Country of origin for Soss is Singapore.
Customers who have used both have universally given the same feedback: significant savings are possible by using BaSys PIVOTA® or TECTUS® because the quicker and more precise installation of doors fitted with BaSys PIVOTA® or TECTUS® hinges and the nearly complete lack of call backs. We even have a few millworkers who strongly advocate using BaSys PIVOTA® or TECTUS® throughout a project, because they end up saving money for the owner.

Aesthetics is a matter of personal opinion, but we feel it's hard to argue against the more refined look and quality or the BaSys PIVOTA® "Design" options with no visible screws and integrated closers as well as the refinded finishes available from Simonswerk's TECTUS®. Call us and we can help select the best concealed hinge based on price, aesthetics, performance, project size and availability.