Time to get back to work. Be Safe. Introducing products to help protect against COVID-19 in the office.

Door handles are nasty. Don't touch them ever. Use your elbow instead. And always use hand sanitizer when entering or leaving an office.

Introducting the FOREARM SHIELD from FSB and a beautiful TOUCHLESS Soap Dispenser from JNF (see JNF Hands Free Office Calalog)

How about a QUIET HOME OFFICE! Yes, you need drop-down door seals from Athmer

Athmer Drop-Down Door Seals

Athmer is the world class drop-down door seal leader. Keep the sound or smells out. Retrofit or mortice mount. Athmer has it all.

Our Mini Review

Athmer seals are cycle tested to 1,000,000+ cycles. They simply won't fail. We constantly hear reviews of other drop seals that only last several months before the spring mechanism fails. Not with Athmer seals -- simply the best seal on the planet.

Need a quite office space? HIPPA privacy space? Odor containing space-- keep it in. Private doctor office? Any space requiring privacy, draft protection, air/odor isolation can be enhanced by an Athmer drop door seal.

Installation Instructional Video

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