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For now, here are a few links to some fantastic videos; the first video from 'This is Carpentry' is excellent:

  • This is Carpentry Article:  Tectus Hinges

    A fantastic article about a real world installation!  Information on installation kits and practicle information to consider when installing a TECTUS hinge. THISisCarpentry (TiC) is an interactive, multimedia e-magazine written BY carpenters, FOR carpenters. TiC offers detailed, well-illustrated articles about construction techniques, new tools of the trade, improving carpentry skills, and much more.

  • Concealed Door Closer!

    ...from the ingenious BaSys engineers! Call us for information on this product.

  • Say Goodbye to your Floor Closer!

    ...and why we now LOVE pivot hinges.

  • How to Choose a Pivot Hinge

    ...and why we now LOVE pivot hinges.

  • Spring Loaded Flush Pull!

    ...smooth clean look without the pinch.

  • Barn Door Lock (Accurate 9100BDL)

    ...yes, you can lock a sliding barn door (even with ADA compliant trim).

  • Why I Build (FineHomebuilding)

    ...and why we love selling to the trade.

  • TECTUS Concealed Hinge Installation Video

    TECTUS® concealed hinges are available in the US from Better Building Hardware.  These heavy duty hinges from Simonswerk provide easy 3-Dimensional adjustment for flush doors from 88 lbs to 440 lbs with only 2 hinges installed. This video shows a clear step by step process for installing these versatile, high-quality hinges from Germany.  Call us for large project pricing and specification help.
    Video Items



    • TECTUS Concealed Hinge:  3-D Adjustment Video

      This video shows how easy it is to adjust these versatile, high-quality hinges from Germany.


    • FritsJurgens System M Pivot Hinge

      Now this is a cool pivot hinge.  Nothing in the floor.  Nothing in the ceiling.  From entry doors to huge and heavy doors.  This pivot hinge does it all and will make architects re-think what is possible when creating beautiful entry doors, pass thru-doors, bathroom doors, office space utilization, and just about anything else.  No ugly artifacts in the floor.  Reduced installation expenses easily cover the cost of this beautiful piece of hardware.  Check out the possibilities here.

    • MWE Library Ladder / Wine Cellar Ladder / Closet Ladder.  It rolls around corners!

      A beautiful German engineered sliding ladder that goes around a corner?  Yes.  MWE offers a comprehensive rolling and hook ladder solution in stunning designs.  Check out the many options here at Better Building Hardware.  We have ladder specialists in-house that will help you with the most challenging design!  We've helped interior designers and architects specify ladder systems for kitchens, closets, wine cellars, libraries and retail stores.  Call us.  We can help.

    • MWE Ladder Installation