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003: combo flush/edge pulls

The Pocket Door Platypus

For pocket doors with a passage function, you could consider this equation: 

The flush pull with an integrated edge pull is a concept that some of you know and have used to simplify and beautify your sliding doors.

There are now quite a few on the market, some quite ugly and others exquisite. We wanted to provide a few thoughts on this solution. 

General Advantages :

  1. Simpler Mortise. Just matter of creating a notch in the door edge.
  2. One step to get it out of the pocket: no buttons or hooks, just PULL!
  3. For some, it's a cleaner look for the pocketed door
  4. These are really flush with the plane of the door. Other solutions tend to have a flange that sits proud.

Be Aware :

  1. Fixing. Adhesives required. Some provide additional screw attachment.
  2. With solutions for 1-3/8" doors, remember people with beefy fingers
  3. For some, a cleaner look when the door is pocketed 
  4. If you need a privacy function on the same project you have to consider separate flush thumbturns/emergency release trim which will likely not line up neatly without some custom solution. We've been down that rabbit hole before so we're happy to show you around the rabbit hole if that's what you need. 

FSB 42 4299 (shown at the top of this email)

Required Door Thickness:  1-3/4" (45 mm)
Dimensions: 101 mm (3.976") x 50 mm (1.969") x 44 mm (1.75")
Finishes: Satin Stainless Steel

This one is just shy of 4 inches high and does the trick in many situations. 
Note it has a fin in the back which needs to be accommodated but will provide added adhesion surface for the pulling.


Sun Valley Bronze FEP-T4-175
Though the same dimensions as the FSB model, this one is solid piece of cast bronze. Available in the full range of Sun Valley finishes. 
Note the SVB version also has a fin in the back for extra purchase in those big doors.

Required Door Thickness:  1-3/4" (also available for 2" thick doors)
Dimensions: 4" x 2" x 1.75"

BTW: Sun Valley Bronze can also produce this pull in a matte black stainless steel through their Reveal Designs. Call us for more info.

Sun Valley Bronze FEP-210DBL-1 3/4
Speaking of BIG doors, this one is a different concept with plenty of height and a built in dimple to help pull that monster out of its cave. 

Required Door Thickness:  1-3/4" (also available for 2-1/4" thick doors)
Dimensions: 2"x 10"x 1.75"
Finishes: same as the FEP-T4-175 above.

The European door thicknesses for which these pulls are designed make for possible challenges in specifying them, but they're well-made and at 3.36"x6.30" they provide a little more of a presence on larger doors. 

Required Door Thickness:  1-1/2"
Dimensions: 85mm (3.35") x 160mm (6.30") x 38mm (1.50")
also available for 40mm (1.57") and 43mm (1.69") thick doors.
Finishes: satin stainless steel, polished stainless steel, satin black
(lead times possible)



ASIDE : Below are some photos of the FORMANI LSQ160B in BLACK custom-made for 1-3/4" doors and powder-coated by Accurate to match other Formani hardware in the project.


MWE GR.7545
For glass doors there are very few options but this one from MWE can be made in their wide range of excellent finishes including mirror-polished stainless and a host of great satin and polished PVD finishes (black, gold, copper...).

and we drew it up as it might appear peeking out of your pocket: 

Be mindful that this, like some other similar G pulls out there, allow one to peek through the closed door, so remember that if privacy is a reason you have a door there in the first place. 

Hey, if you also need some sliding pocket door track systems, check HOW TO SPEC YOUR HAWA JUNIOR SYSTEM .

Extra Credit (if you've got the extra time)

Although they also have options in the style of the ones above, Sugatsune also has a range of unique solutions worth throwing out there. All in satin stainless steel. The semi-circular pull DSI-3250 also comes in brass with antique bronze finish. We have yet to specify any of these in projects but we thought they might spark some thoughts. These all seem like they'd be especially interesting in double door situations.

Spec sheets in the Monday Minute pdf download above.
Call us for more information, pricing, patience and expertise.

Let us know if you have any favorites we should check out!

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