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We've scoured the entire world and found the best and most beautiful building products for your design. We are especially knowledgeable about solutions for very heavy sliding doors as well as swing doors. We offer products from around the world and the information you need to successfully see them through your project. All the way from New Zealand to Europe back to the United States, our hardware complements your design.

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We are particularly informed, and by that we mean “expert status”, on concealed swing and pivot hinges. Our favorite players include Tectus and BaSys heavy duty concealed swing hinges, and FritsJurgens heavy duty pivot hinges. Check em out:

BaSys PIVOTA Series

A complete line of 3-D adjustable concealed hinges brand new to the US market, but already a tried and true player in Europe. Hinges for doors up to 770lbs, clad doors with wide throw requirements or doors in recessed frames, doors with 60-minute UL listing requirements, and even doors needing closers are all available in this collection. Bonus: all come with magnetically-fixed concealed screw cover plates!

Simonswerk TECTUS Series

A favorite and best seller of ours for some time! 3-D adjustable hinges for doors up to 660lbs, clad doors with wide throw requirements or doors in recessed frames, and doors with 3-hour UL listing requirements are all available in this collection. Plus, these come in a wide variety of beautiful finishes!
What’s the difference between BaSys and Tectus hinges? Check out this comparison here. Learn more about BaSys PIVOTA hinges, the go-to hinge in Europe by Door Manufacturers and Master Millworkers

FritsJurgens Systems

Engineered and manufactured in The Netherlands, our three FritsJurgens pivot hinges are made for high-end flush doors of all sizes. Very tall and very wide doors are no problem, and each system can handle doors up to 1,100lbs.
FritsJurgens System M
System One: a high capacity free-swinging center pivot, without open hold open or damping.
FritsJurgens System M
System Three: primarily for center-mounted pivot doors (i.e. space partioning) and provides hold open and daming to each 90° position.
FritsJurgens System M
System M: a heavy-duty dual-acting system with closer and adjustable closing speed, hold open, and backcheck functions. Good news: there is an ADA compliant version too!

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